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Welcome again to Deux Lectrices, a book blog run by Kaniesha (Kan) and Heather. We've decided to run this blog because we're both love books and want to share our love. We both have reviewed books on separate blogs (often privately) and Goodreads but we're posting here to not only voice our opinions and feelings about books but to hopefully get better at reviewing, meet others that share a love for books, meet others with similar interests, and find new books to read.


Hi! In the paragraph above, we talk about how much we love books and all that but I'm sure that's obvious from us having a book blog! I'm 24 years old, soon to be 25 in March 2018 so that makes me an official adult but I really don't feel it, you know? It's pretty cool I can drink whenever I want though and no one cares anymore. I'm half white half black, I grew up in Virginia but I moved to Tennessee to be with my boyfriend last year! Tennessee is a pretty cool state but where I'm at is near a military base so I think that's why there's not a lot of accents. You'd really think there'd be more, but there's not.

Outside of reading I enjoy video games, web development, cartoons, coffee, tea and birthday cake ice cream. My favorite video game to play is Skyrim but I'm currently playing Sid Meier's Civilization 6 here and there. I'm actively learning Javascript, git and ssh. My favorite cartoons are A:TLA, A:LOK, and Steven Universe. 1: My favorite gem is Steven, before you ask :P 2: I like to think I'd be in the water tribe! 3: My favorite tea is earl grey though I'm super partial to these one, two from yogi these days!

Thank you for reading!

Posts and Reviews

We both have a different style to our reviews and not everything you see us reading in our widgets (Books of the Month in particular) will be reviewed. Books we feel strongly about; would like to recommend, or suggest staying away from will be reviewed. We also hope, in time, to be able to host giveaways, blog tours, cover reveals, interviews or other neat bookish things.
Review Requests

To request either of us, or one of us in particular to review your books, please check our policy or contact page.

Book Genres/Selection

You can find what either of us are reading at any given time in the Goodreads widgets at the bottom of the page, along with our respective favorites shelves which will give you a feel for the types of books we like.


As of February 2018, Deux Lectrices is connected to Google Adsense. If you'd like to help us out, please disable your adblocker, if you use one, while browsing here. If while you are here there are any obnoxious, inappropriate or popup ads, please contact us as soon as possible so we can deal with it.


Our reviews aren't meant to discourage you from reading or checking out a book and we will always provide a link to buy the books from various vendors. It should also be noted that the reviews posted here are our opinions only. It is perfectly fine for you to disagree, and we encourage discussion, but it is completely out of line to attack us.

In compliance with FTC regulations, we'd also like to state that we do not receive any money for our reviews. We're doing this because we love talking about the books we read and our feelings on them. If anything, our reviews should be seen as free promo for the authors and books that are being discussed here. Currently we are not affiliated with any book stores, so if you click on and buy any of the books we've linked, we do not receive a portion of that sale.


If you need to contact us we prefer you'd do it by twitter (@deuxlectrices) but we have a shared email, deuxlectrices@live.com if you'd like to contact us that way.

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